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This project for Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia aimed to tackle various challenges hindering their online presence. These included inconsistency in branding and voice across platforms, declining engagement due to increased event posts, and a lack of alignment with current trends.

To address these issues, I introduced creative templates to standardise posts and minimise workload, alongside a comprehensive social media planner with diverse post variations. Demonstrating its effectiveness, this approach was showcased through a mini scheduling proposal, maintaining engagement while promoting the company’s attendance with varied yet unified posts.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia | Marketing Campaign, Branding

Post Content Overview

Utilising Content Marketing:

Content marketing to promote upcoming events involves crafting compelling content tailored to the event’s audience and goals.
While avoiding the sales pitch approach, content marketing aims to generate excitement and increase engagement by showcasing offerings, such as innovative products, demonstrations, or exclusive promotions. This includes highlighting key features of Hitachi’s products, offering sneak peeks of the stall setup, and encouraging audience interaction through contests or polls. By leveraging storytelling, visuals, and interactive elements, content marketing creates a buzz around the event, enhances brand visibility, and fosters connections with the audience, ultimately maximising Hitachi’s impact.

Post Scheduling Plan

Optimising Post Frequency and Timing:
Limiting posts promoting events to a few strategic updates over a period of 6-8 weeks on social media is crucial for maintaining audience interest and engagement. This approach prevents overwhelming followers with repetitive content, ensuring each post stands out and garners attention.
Spaced-out promotions build anticipation gradually, allowing your audience to stay informed and excited without feeling inundated. By focusing on quality over quantity, you can effectively highlight key event details, generate buzz, and keep your followers eagerly anticipating the event.

Channel Distribution

Not all social media channels are created equal when it comes to content suitability due to their unique audience demographics, content formats, and engagement behaviors. Each platform has its own strengths and limitations, making it essential to tailor content to fit the platform’s specific characteristics. 

Dispersing different content across various platforms is effective, especially for events, because it allows for broader reach and engagement with diverse audience segments. By strategically distributing content across multiple channels, event organisers can effectively target different demographics, maximise visibility, and ensure that content resonates with each platform’s audience preferences. This approach increases the likelihood of reaching and engaging with a wider audience, ultimately driving attendance and enhancing the event’s overall success.

Meta Analytics Overview

The diagram provides an overview of the traction gained after one month of implementing our customised social media strategy. The analytic reports proudly reveal significant improvements in organic reach, website visits, and follower growth on both Facebook and Instagram compared to the previous month.

Facebook: +659.6% / Instagram:  +1%

Facebook: +208.5% / Instagram:  +15.2%

Facebook: +802.7% / Instagram:  +37.7%

Meta Analytics Benchmarking

The diagram provides an overview of the accounts performance compare to competitor’s accounts. This includes the quantity of posts, number of followers, gained followers and content interaction.