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To Be Epic.


“DARE TO BE EPIC” campaign for Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia’s apprenticeship intake program encapsulates the spirit of boldness, ambition, and excellence. It encourages potential apprentices to aspire to greatness, embrace challenges, and strive for extraordinary achievements in their journey with Hitachi. This slogan inspires individuals to step out of their comfort zones, push their boundaries, and pursue their goals with determination and passion, promising an apprenticeship experience that is both transformative and exceptional.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia | Marketing Campaign, Branding

Stage: One

Sneak Peek:

Phase 1 has a darker tone and little information, which signifies that the program is not yet open. However, it amplifies curiosity, and the sense of sublimity encourages viewers to take action and register their interest.

Stage: Two

Registration Open:

In Phase 2, we’re maintaining uniformity by reusing the same headline as Phase 1, “DARE TO BE EPIC” to reinforce the message of aspiring to greatness, embracing challenges, and striving for extraordinary achievements in their journey with Hitachi. However, the visual elements have evolved. Not only do they differentiate between the two phases, but the torn paper revealing underlying content and the use of whiteness and lighter tones symbolise that the apprentice intake program is now open.