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CablePrice Apprenticeship Intake 2025 Campaign

The slogan “Power Your Potential” resonates with individuals aspiring for personal and professional growth, offering a compelling message for prospective applicants by suggesting that participation in the apprenticeship program can unlock their full potential and propel their careers forward.
The imagery of the hand holding a spanner visually aligns with the type of role applicants are pursuing, while the upright fist motion emphasises “power” and “potential”, reinforcing the main headline.


CablePrice New Zealand Pty Ltd  | Marketing Campaign, Branding

Stage: One

Sneak Peek:

In Phase 1, the hand is in a lower position, signifying that the intake is not yet open, creating anticipation and prompting viewers to stay engaged with the campaign until further updates are available.

Stage: Two

Registration Open:

In Phase 2, the hand is raised to signify readiness and opportunity. This visual change serves as a clear indicator to the audience that registration is now open and encourages them to take action by applying for the apprenticeship program.
By incorporating such visual cues, the campaign effectively communicates key information to the audience and guides them through the application process, ultimately driving engagement and participation in the program.